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What makes Local Protection Agencies a better bet?



Author: Kyle Condon | Date: 2010/02/04 17:40

With the Football World Cup approaching at pace more and more visitors and fans are starting to make their travel plans.

Those that are considering making use of Close Protection (Bodyguards) have to decide whether or not they should bring their own man with them or whether they should make use of a local service provider.

As an International risk consultant my advice would be to hire the service of a local Close Protection Officer (Bodyguard).

The main reason for this viewpoint is simple the success of any protection assignment depends on two main principles. There are adequate risk assessments and no. 2 practical well planned contingency plans.

Ask yourself this if you were to climb Mount Everest, would you choose to be lead by a foreigner that has never been to Nepal, but was an experienced climber, or would you choose to be led by a local climber who understood the mountain and its risk factors?

Therein lays your answer. The fact of the matter is that local protection agencies are in a far better position to provide sound advice and provide good safe escorts, than those with a foreign background.

Picking a local service provider can be tricky but I would suggest that you take a look at our advice page on selecting a body guard. This can be viewed on our website


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