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What Makes a Good Bodyguard - What it takes



Author: Kyle Condon | Date: 2009/03/26 13:15

As the owner of BODYGUARD SERVICES, a 15 year old company specializing in the deployment of Close Protection Officers for the private sector, I am frequently asked what does it take to be a BODYGUARD!

Well the answer is probably more complexed than one would think. One thing I can say is that everything seen or portraying in the Movies or on Television is for the most part completely off the mark. We have learnt that the best Close Protection Officers are not the big muscular guy’s normally seen working at night club doors on a Saturday night.

In fact quite the opposite, athletic well groomed intellectual types make for better BODYGUARDS than most.

But perhaps the single most important asset is intellect!

You see successful BODYGUARDING assignments rely 90% on careful planning and preparing, route reconnaissance, risk analysis etc. And this requires personnel with the necessary mental capacity to manage and implement this. Another popular and widely believed misconception is that BODYGUARDS are there to take the bullet or punch for the principle. The fact is that any true professional in his or her field would do this but they will agree that if it ever got to that stage their planning and project management skills were probably found wanting.


On the whole, most BODYGUARDING assignments are fairly boring, monotonous affairs. But this is exactly why the best BODYGUARDS are those that can remain focused and switched on even into the early hours of the longest of days.



Perhaps this will give you a slightly different view of what type of people make the best body guards, I certainly hope so...


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