VIP security to provide comfort for your international clients or guests

VIP security to provide comfort for your international clients or guests

There are often times in business when VIP security is more of a necessity than luxury – especially when it comes to hosting important international clients or stakeholders like investors. If a client or investor is from another country, he or she may not always feel safe to visit, which can severely limit your business relations. For such instances quality VIP protection can cater for comprehensive service – from pickups and transfers to bodyguarding and other specialised private protection needs.

So let's discuss some of the benefits that you can expect with VIP security and how you can take full advantage of our excellent services.

Facilitating transfers between destinations

The most dangerous part or vulnerable time of high profile business deals is often during the transportation of the VIP. This is because the VIP will be most exposed as he or she is moving between places – with so many different opportunities available for attackers to capitalise on the client or VIP security team. So by offering highly trained agents who can plan ahead to not only prepare for possible attacks, but also avoid risks, we can help you ensure your client remains and feels safe throughout their business stay.

VIP security for optimal comfort

Another added benefit of our superior services is that our agents are specially trained in planning and executing safety protocols without disrupting the VIP's peace of mind. Often different roads will be taken and particular areas will be avoided while the VIP or group simply sits back and enjoys the ride. And with seamless protection comes seamless travelling comfort, thanks to trained security drivers who are as vigilant and competent in risk assessment as they are in manoeuvring the vehicle safely and smoothly.

So next time you have a high profile client or investor coming down to South Africa, don't jeopardise your business dealings with worries about safety. Allow D & K Bodyguard Services to ensure optimum VIP security and total comfort in every step of the process. Contact us today to find out how you can take advantage of our professional services.

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