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Author: Kyle Condon | Date: 2010/04/08 14:00

The need for security is something that is very common in South Africa. Everything from cars to homes, we ensure that our assets are protected at all times.

With executives and well known figures being in public as often as they are, bodyguards have become a sought after necessityVIP protection is more common than what some people might think. The reason for this is because whilst providing a dedicated service, VIP protection is discreet, resulting in many people being unaware of the bodyguard.

Providing VIP protection, Bodyguard Protection Services has been operating for 15 years in personal protection services. Servicing a wide range of clients, VIP protection with the highly trained and skilled bodyguards, ensures that clients arrive safely and without any unexpected events occurring.


Pre- planning

All VIP protection bodyguards prepare routes based on traffic reports so that clients arrive at their destination in the shortest time, but most importantly that they arrive safely.

VIP protection training

During the extensive training that all VIP protection bodyguards complete, business ethics and protocol are just one of the fields that are given serious attention. This allows for a discreet protection presence as bodyguards so easily blend into the crowd.


VIP protection training is an all round course that covers each and every aspect around bodyguarding. Bodyguard Protection Services takes the training of its staff extremely seriously. All courses are presented by seasoned experts in the field so that all trainees are exposed to the very best training possible.

The need for a bodyguard or VIP protection in South Africa is demanding. Personal security is becoming increasingly important. High profile figures constantly use the services of VIP protection as the need to be in the public eye threatens their safety.

Whether it is an important event, a business trip or simply chauffeuring, the services of VIP protection will make appearances in public and the overall experience easier on the client. This in- turn makes the client’s job less stressful as they do not need to worry about travelling or dealing with potential safety problems.

For more information on VIP protection or to hire an Executive bodyguard, contact Bodyguard Protection Services on +27 (0)11 824 0334

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