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VIP Protection in South Africa & Specialised Vehicles


VIP protection in South Africa is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury for many individuals. Attempts at important peoples' lives aren't generally made in a light-hearted fashion in this day and age. They are real and dangerous and as such require the proper response and facilitation equipment in order to be adequately prepared. Specialised vehicles have been developed over the years to help private security companies keep their clientsout of harm's way.

Prior to use of any vehicle to transport a client, the vehicle must undergo inspection to check for any explosives or devices that may cause unexpected problems. Reputed providers of VIP protection in South Africa undertake this "vehicle clearance" each and every time the vehicle is left unattended. One cannot take anything for granted in a world where specialised crime exists.

Specialised vehiclesalso known as armoured vehicles, are built specifically to withstand external attacks and protect the occupants of the vehicle. The cars usedalthough custom built are designed to blend into the typical traffic as a safety precaution and in order to avoid overexposure. Remaining inconspicuous is vital for VIP protection in South Africa as failure to do so would make the vehicle an easily visible target and more susceptible to attackers.

The next feature of defence is the actual armour plating. This plating is integrated into the car's bodywork to function effectively without altering the general appearance of the vehicle. The windows are replaced with bulletproof glass and the armour is fitted in strategic parts of the vehicle to maximise protection of the driver and occupants.

The cars that are chosen for private security transport for VIP protection in South Africa are usually heavy in weight and stature, but also safe while offering excellent control. If the car is surrounded or blockaded, the driver needs to be able to use the car as a defensive weapon to ram other cars and objects out of the way. The armour plating helps this strategic feature even more by adding more 'muscle' to the vehicle structure.

VIP protection in South Africa may also call for further pre-emptive measures in order to guarantee peace of mind, depending on the threat being faced. Armoured vehicles can be equipped with "run-flat" tires, which allow driving even after the tires are punctured, and a foam-filling fuel tank, ensuring safety from fire and preventing fuel inside the car exploding. In special cases the vehicle is also able to isolate the air inside the vehicle and provide oxygen in case of poison gas or even being run into water.

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