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VIP Protection in SA - Bodyguard Training & Advanced Driving Skills

Private protection sometimes requires vehicles to be used to transport VIPs from place to place. In occasions where the VIP may have real threat to their safety, it can take more than average bodyguard training to cater for the task at hand; thus necessitating VIP protection in South Africa. For this reason it's wise to ensure your private security personnel are trained in advanced defensive driving courses.

Whilst most chauffeurs and hired drivers would naturally drive in a very defensive manner, not a lot have been trained in what measures to take if the VIP is attacked during transportation. Advanced driving courses are essential to quality bodyguard training and ought to be integrated with appropriate VIP protection in South Africa. They focus heavily on car control, from skidding safely to operating optimally at very fast speeds, all the while aiming to keep the inhabitants of the vehicle safe and out of harm's way.

This can mean the difference between life and death, and numerous threats can appear from places you may never have suspected. Driving courses allow the driver to rapidly evade an ambush or even use the car as a defensive weapon to escape "blockades". Three of the major driving skills that must be cultivated an exercised to be effective are discussed below.


Quick reflexes are another skillset that gets tested to perfection during vigorous bodyguard training. A bad decision and poor judgement can make a dangerous situation even worse, and the driver almost always has very restricted reaction time. Real threats happen fast and your private protection needs to know exactly what to do, sometimes even before the event triggers. "Calmness" is a great virtue to skilled drivers, as calmness means control.


Advanced driving skills, developed in bodyguard training, offer control under speed. This is most useful for escaping and evading danger, but also comes in handy when VIPs are running late. Of-course VIP protection in South Africa is no excuse to contravene the law; the advanced skills however, mean that whether you are VIP or not you are likely to benefit from excellent drive time. Driving at high speed can be extremely dangerous and takes a lot of practice to perfect, but may be the tipping factor in a life or death situation.

The Extra Mile

The most skilled private security will make the extra effort to research road maps and routes. By doing this they can evade areas where the threat of ambush is greatest and know exactly where alternate routes are if the need arises.

With bodyguard training that covers all aspects of your safety, you can trust Bodyguard Protection Services with your life.

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