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Recently there have been cases of some VIP protection agents representing various organisations or bodies, who have been found to be involved in scandals of unprecedented nature, ranging from unnecessary use of extreme force, corruption and so on. Naturally, this is an unprofessional manner for any security officer or VIP protection agent to behave and it will almost always damage the client’s reputation too.

For this reason we at Bodyguard Protection Services always train our agents to represent the client in the best possible way, at all times. When our clients request our services they should never have to concern themselves about the VIP protection agent that has been assigned, but need just enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing that their safety is in the good hands of capable and level-headed security professionals. Our agents will also never compromise the name of their client as they strive for the client’s safety and wellbeing in all areas, both in their personal and corporate lives.

Not Above the Law:

Although many VIP protection agents have special rights and permissions so that they can perform their required tasks with maximum efficiency, no agent is above the law. Too many agents, it appears, still somehow believe that they can get away with almost anything, with the result that innocent bystanders are endangered, clients compromised as well as the reputation of the agency jeopardised. Our agents are trained specifically to understand and comply with the law of the land, whilst still clearly understanding and upholding their rights and those of the client. This balance means that our clients can enjoy superior VIP protection with the full assurance that they are and will remain legally protected – and that no lines will be crossed at any stage.

Violence as a Last Resort:

The use of extreme force or violence ought to be the last resort and a trained agent will be well equipped to know when and to what extent force ought to be applied when responding to a threat or attack. The absence of being able to make a quality split-second decision can be costly for all parties concerned. Again this ability highlights the divide between sub-par and supreme VIP protection services.

We at Bodyguard Protection Services pride ourselves on the level of professionalism that we bring to VIP protection in respect of all our agents. For details on our great services visit us at or call us directly today.

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