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VIP Protection in South Africa – Make this Festive Season Enjoyable Indeed!

Although the title of this article may sound slightly exciting and festive, the truth is that around this time of year many criminals tend to take advantage of the great amount of activity and events throughout these “end-of-year” holidays. These criminals use holiday activities as powerful distractions, whilst they shop for their own ‘presents’ by preying on “laid back citizens” who are simply trying to enjoy the time of year. We at Bodyguard Protection Services are often sought out for VIP protection in South Africa – often by clients who themselves have already suffered at the hands of criminals taking advantage of them while on their December or other holiday.

In this article we would like to share a few of the ways that criminals can turn a joyous time into a nightmare:

Social Media Platforms

Sharing too much on your social media platforms can provide criminals with a precise schedule of your behaviour and plans, sometimes even ‘on-the-fly’, and this can lead to disastrous results! Burglars could easily plan to break in while you aren’t home, or kidnappers could even plan to snatch you when you are most vulnerable! The risk is all too real! We have received a number of cases calling for VIP protection in South Africa where simple “oversharing” has caused dangerous criminals to be able to easily exploit the naivety of innocent parties.

Distracted by Entertainment

It is so easy to lose focus on your surroundings whilst enjoying a festive activity that you love. Criminals use these distractions to steal wallets, purses and other belongings, sometimes hours before you even notice, and our VIP protection in South Africa is precisely established to counteract these and even more serious threats. The services of a professional agency also minimises the risk and associated consequences from transpiring in the first place. This is achieved through deterrence and aversion or even offensive tactics where necessary. When people are enjoying their holidays the last thing that they want to be doing is focussing on security or keeping an eye out for predators.

Our services provide the perfect level of security without interfering with your holiday experience. Through vigorous training our agents are able to protect you without being overbearing or intrusive. As a trusted provider of VIP protection in South Africa we receive requests every year from people who would like to enjoy their holiday experience without having to worry about safety.

For great VIP protection in South Africa with reliable personnel and quality service this festive season visit us online at today!


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