A few things that you should know about VIP executive protection

Quality executive protection is an absolute must wherever VIPs find themselves travelling in the world. Many attacks have been stamped out before they even had a chance to materialise, thanks in no small part to having highly-trained protection services on hand. Executive security teams are often made up of several different security professionals, each of whom specialises in a particular facet of security.

Below we'll take a closer look at some of the things you need to know about executive protection before approaching a firm.

It's not all about muscle

The most dangerous part or vulnerable time of high profile business deals is often during the transportation of the VIP. This is because the VIP will be most exposed as he or she is moving between places – with so many different opportunities available for attackers to capitalise on the client or VIP security team. So by offering highly trained agents who can plan ahead to not only prepare for possible attacks, but also avoid risks, we can help you ensure your client remains and feels safe throughout their business stay.

VIP security for optimal comfort

While having massive personal bodyguards following you around wherever you go may seem like enough to perturb the average citizen – seasoned criminals aren’t going to be put off. Executive protection is more about preventing any undesirable situations rather than having to neutralise assailants after they’ve managed to get close enough to cause problems. Meticulous planning needs to go into the planning of trips and public appearances in order to keep the client safe from harm, and counteract possible threats long before the VIP even arrives.

This however, isn’t to say that your executive security professionals can’t handle themselves in a skirmish. They are still skilled security professionals who’ve endured years of rigorous training in order to prepare for any eventuality on the job.

Subtlety is a key component of executive protection

The last thing any VIP wants is a swarm of protective forces buzzing around him or her while trying to get through a day’s work. Sound protection services understand and appreciate the need for their work to be carried out in a subtle manner. This means that while still having a visible presence, it isn’t overwhelming to the point the client feels suffocated.

The team at D&K Bodyguard Services offers a wide array of services available to both local and international VIPs. For more information with regards to our executive protection services, feel free to contact us today where one of our staff will be able to answer any questions that you may have.

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