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Understanding the Profession of a Security Consultant

Many people may find themselves confused with the notion of a "security consultant”. The task of a security consultant is to perform thorough inspections in order to pinpoint various strengths and weaknesses of a security system. By valuating the various factors they can then make expert decisions on which areas need more, or less attention, and how the overall system can be improved upon.

Although a security consultant can also help develop efficient security systems from scratch, more people tend to hire security consultants to repair and improve upon already existing systems. Consultants are also given varying amounts of power so that they can perform large changes, like hiring new or firing existing employees, if it becomes necessary. A security consultant is also responsible for drafting various plans in case of emergencies such as fires and robberies.

Many security consultants come from organisations and industries that include former SAPS police officers, electronic security and even security equipment manufacturing companies. These consultants come with great insight, including knowledge of security systems, equipment and how criminal minds operate. Security consultants may also specialise in specific fields or disciplines, such as business, art or other industry segments. This means that in their field of specialisation they have a broad understanding of the business, and are thus better equipped to advise on the security components that need to be integrated into the security systems.

Security consultants are almost never hired on a permanent basis, but rather enlisted temporarily on a project, for a designated period of time, or as scheduled freelancers. They may come in once for a large consultation, daily to manage specific operations or periodically to install new equipment or security software, but it is typical for a security consultant to never be hired full-time – but rather act as a specialist service provider.

You may be deciding to enrol as a specialised security consultant. It is thus important to note the basic skills that all security consultants should have:

  • Risk assessment – To understand how certain actions may have unforeseen repercussions and to be able to evaluate each risk versus the expected ‘reward’.

  • Managerial skills – To be able to manage personnel and communicate effectively so that each individual in the business fully comprehends the importance of security protocols.

  • Computer and Technology Security – Underestimating criminals have led many to their downfall. This skill allows the security consultant to remain informed and stay one step ahead at all times.

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