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Ultimate safety with Executive Protection

Executive protection is becoming more and more popular nowadays, with more people than ever before seeking personal safety from not only street crime, that almost everyone is exposed to, but also from the sinister threat of organised crime. Crime on VIPs occurs for a number of reasons; from rival companies seeking to gain an unfair advantage in the marketplace, to those people who are simply driven by greed. Criminals too are becoming increasingly innovative in their methods. For this reason, amongst others, we at Bodyguard Protection Services train our executive protection agents with all the skills necessary to provide you with complete and efficient personal safety.

Bodyguards are trained in a variety of mental, surveillance and protection training exercises as well as other vital skills, like first aid and self-defence. Let’s take a closer look at some of the skills our executive protection agents are equipped with.

Bodyguard Training

The safest way to handle any threat is to avoid it. This is the idea behind bodyguard training and ingrains within our agents the ability to avoid any and all unnecessary danger. They are able to plan ahead for dangerous situations so that immediate action can take place to protect the client entirely. This involves route-planning, pre-event surveillance, risk assessment and management, and even some public relations.

Firearms Training

Most people would guess that executive protection agents are trained to handle weaponry of various kinds, and they would be right. In an ideal world where criminals couldn’t buy guns, our agents wouldn’t need them. Unfortunately, guns are widely available and the old saying “Bringing a knife to a gunfight” is sadly true, and also ends badly in real life. Our agents are trained to handle a multitude of firearms and possess the discipline to know when each weapon should be employed. We can’t always foretell what criminals are going to do, but we can definitely be prepared for it!

Close Protection Training

This training involves scenarios and situations that executive protection agents may find themselves in, and how to assess the situation and deal with it accordingly. Although the name suggests close combat and melee fighting, there is much more. Close protection training also helps agents in crisis management, rapid threat assessment and the ability to maintain calm and controlled thoughts in any crisis.

If you need executive protection or simply require more information on private security, contact us on Bodyguard Protection Services is here for your personal safety! With us you can expect quick, calculated action in the event of danger, as well as excellent pre-emptive skills to diffuse or avoid threats!

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