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Airport transfers for the Comrades Marathon

Whenever an internationally renowned sporting event hits South Africa's shores and a number of professional athletes simultaneously touch down in the republic; secure airport transfers are required. And this is no different in the case of the Comrades Marathon. This event sees the world's finest ultra-marathon runners touch down in the country at the same time. In this piece we will take a closer look at why secure airport transfers are so important when it comes to the Comrades Marathon.

The world's eyes will be on the event

The eyes of the global long distance running fraternity will be firmly focused on this event. And with the tragedy that occurred during the 2013 Boston Marathon, the last thing South Africa needs are a few would be terrorists attempting to make a name for themselves. Safely getting athletes and their teams from the airports to their hotels is the first major victory when it comes to security. The last thing this event needs is for some fundamentalist or extremist to try and get their point across using violence while the world watches.

Discreet, p rofessional service

These athletes can also certainly do without particularly unprofessional security companies that are more focused on making a big deal of their arrival – rather than personal protection. A secure airport transfer needs to be discreet, drawing very little attention to the VIP. This way the vehicle can get safely from the airport to the athlete's hotel without any undesirables taking notice.

It's one less thing for athletes to worry about

A secure airport transfer means that the athlete has one less logistical issue to worry about when he or she lands. All he or she simply does is climb off the plane, hop into the waiting vehicle and head off to the hotel. This places very little stress on the athlete who of course needs to be mentally prepared for the marathon.

Secure airport transfers for the Comrades Marathon have become quite commonplace over the last few years. To find out more about our airport transfers and other services, feel free to contact D&K Bodyguards today for more information.

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