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Why International Tourists Should Request Qualified Local Security Consultants

If you are a business executive or are simply worried about your safety, then it’s important that you seek professional security consultants to make your travelling as enjoyable and convenient as possible. The mistake that many make, though, is by engaging international security agencies when visiting unfamiliar terrain. Hiring international security for your endeavours into different countries can result in a number of problems, and this article discusses precisely why it’s always a better idea to hire local security consultants.

Local Knowledge

Each and every country has a unique set of customs, habits and norms that are obvious for the inhabitants, but can be quite difficult for foreigners to understand. This is one of the most common problems faced by international security consultants, whereas local security agents already have the knowledge needed. This knowledge comes in the form of the local language or ‘talk’, popular destinations and hotspots for crime as well as shortcuts and possible escape routes.


It’s an unfortunate truth but even the toughest and most hardened security consultants can take ill, be injured or fall victim to an unsuspecting scenario. In such situations it can be extremely difficult for international security companies to rapidly replace the agent. For local security agencies though replacements and reinforcement can be a trivial matter and your safety is never in question.


One of the biggest problems experienced when hiring international security consultants is when a situation arises and the bodyguard can’t immediately receive assistance. With local security consultants you can rest at ease knowing that backup is minutes away, should something serious transpire. Furthermore, local agents may also very likely have connections or ties with other local security companies.

If you are an international tourist or businessman travelling to South Africa then don’t risk your safety with international security consultants. Trust D&K Bodyguards to provide you with the highest quality of security agents who know their way around as well as understand the local populace and cultural norms practiced within. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us and speak with our friendly and dedicated consultants today.

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