Forming a closer relationship for tighter security - bodyguard hire

When clients choose a bodyguard to hire, we always try to express the fact that synergy is critical for optimal security. Our agents are rigorously trained with many different skills. Communication and social awareness, however, are vital components to this training. This is because when a client and an agent understand each other more, the agent can read a lot more from various responses and situations - and, thus, provide greater protection.

So join us, as we take a thorough look at this client-agent relationship, as well as how it affects the quality of protection that an agent can provide. This way you will be more inclined to enjoy a healthy relationship when you hire a bodyguard and, in doing so, enjoy more effective protective services.

The friendly bodyguard - hire a partner rather than a protector

If you have ever had that best friend who you could express entire sentences to without saying a word, then you can understand the great level of trust and synergy required for this. This works the same for any relationship, and the one between you and your bodyguard for hire is no different. In fact, it may even be enhanced due to the focus we place in our training. This helps by ensuring that your bodyguard knows your cues, mannerisms and facial expressions, and can therefore react far quicker.

A closer bond means more insightful protection

There may also be times in your career where you know that a threat is imminent but are not able to vocalise it. In such situations, the bodyguard you hire can carefully read your body and facial language and rapidly decipher the subtle messages you are sending. This can mean the difference between safety and real danger as your agent will be able to rapidly eliminate the threat without you even seeming to notice it. So work on your relationship with the bodyguard you hire and allow him or her greater insight into your subtle communications.

At the end of the day, even without greater security, having a ‘friend’ by your side is far more enjoyable than having a ‘personal protector’ who does not work seamlessly with you. So give your agent a chance and strike up some conversations to build rapport. You may be surprised at how many similar interests you share, and it always helps to know that the person who is responsible for your safety actually gets along with you – but always without compromising his or her primary role.

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