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The Subtle Art of Elite protection

“It isn't given to us to know those rare moments when people are wide open and the lightest touch can wither or heal. A moment too late and we can never reach them any more in this world. They will not be cured by our most efficacious drugs or slain with our sharpest swords.”

These wise words from F Scott Fitzgerald, best known as the author of The Great Gatsby, have never been truer than they are in VIP security services today. Nowadays it’s not the reactive guard who offers the greatest protection, but rather the proactive close protection officer who looks for those rare moments and steers their client clear of that danger with a subtle touch and effective planning.

At Global Bodyguard Solutions we have executive security specialists who can be called upon, even on short notice, to protect clients who need exactly this subtle level of protection.

Close protection officers boast a wide array of skills, but among the most important is their focus on:

Unobtrusive Protection

Executives and high-profile individuals who require VIP security services on short notice are no doubt already in a stressful situation and feeling the pressure. This is why our close protection officers are well trained to blend into the home and work environment as needed, providing a sense of security and continuity while being a background presence (mostly). Should any threat arise, they will be in place to head it off, often before the client even notices that something is happening. This is the subtle art of VIP security that close protection officers perform so well.

Thorough Risk Assessment

The key to providing this level of discreet, unobtrusive planning is thorough risk assessment and planning. By immediately making a point of assessing all the potential risks the client faces, including medical conditions and security vulnerabilities on the road, in the office and at home, close protection officers are able to keep the client safe anywhere and at all times.


In this sense, planning includes establishing the safest possible transport routes, optimising of security measures and behaviours, and making sure to have the necessary medical supplies on hand (especially in cases where clients have severe allergies, asthma, and other potentially life-threatening conditions). By planning and implementing these measures, VIP security services go beyond mere reactive protection to protect against an array of potential risks in a proactive manner.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Being proactive is vital to unobtrusive, thoroughly risk-assessed and well-planned close protection. If you know that there are threats to deal with, contact us to get the protection you need in time to make a real difference.

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