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Strategies on Reinforcing your Security Services in South Africa

If you consider safety of your family to be your top priority, then read on as we discuss further preventative measurements, which virtually anyone can consider. Security services in South Africa are a great first step, but there are ways to further enhance your security services. SA is unfortunately, in some ways, becoming a more dangerous place to live in, as evidenced by unbelievable crime statistics. The good news is that we are also certainly becoming far more security conscious!

This security consciousness is becoming very prevalent in terms of the large number of CCTV cameras being installed, secure estates are also on the rise, and private security services in South Africa continue to grow. Although, no defence mechanism or security strategy is infallible, we can certainly employ countermeasures to minimise our odds of becoming a victim!

Gated Communities:

Available to anybody who is willing to invest in their safety, gated communities are guarded and access-controlled 24-hours a day. This ensures that your family can comfortably enjoy a safe and peaceful living environment. These communities, particularly those with fewer clusters or sectional titles, tend to be more close-knit, offering secure living together with the opportunity to make new friends.

Access Control:

This remains one of the most effective investments or features when it comes to safety and security services in South Africa. SA is quickly learning to keep up with technology, especially in personal security, and access control allows you to manage exactly who gets in and out of your house. By electronically controlling the locks in your house or business premises, access cards in the form of a token or business card may be given to family members and guests. These allow discretionary access into and out of your home. No more strangers walking into your house and no more teenagers sneaking out - without the system alerting you of movements.


Footage and visual multimedia options can help you and your existing security services in South Africa gain a significant advantage against criminals. The element of surprise is very commonly the criminals’ greatest weapon, but with CCTV you and your private security can turn the tides and make neutralising any threat far easier! Many security companies install CCTV as part of your primary security package, but if yours does not include it, it’s probably an investment worth seriously considering.

South Africa is a beautiful land with many wonders, but unfortunately, like many parts of the world, we have to contend with crime. For the most up to date information on personal security services in South Africa contact Bodyguard Protection Services. Visit for further details.

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