Security services in South Africa - Becoming a necessity due to violent crime

Security services in South Africa have previously always been, for the most part, for VIP’s, important businesspeople and celebrities. Recent findings in crime stats, however, may just change this, as police commissioner Riah Phiyega revealed updated crime statistics last month. It seems that, despite the reduction in stock theft, robberies and sexual offenses over the past ten years, violent crimes have seen a relatively large increase.

Murder alone has increased by around 5% since only last year, and other violent crimes like attempted murder and aggravated robbery have increased by 4.6% and 12.7% respectively. These are just three of the many violent crimes that our citizens experience on a daily basis, and many people are seeking reliable security services in South Africa to protect themselves from just this.

Where are the police?

It is a sad day when you can’t rely on the police for your safety. Just recently, a family has filed to sue the local police, who didn’t respond to their many calls for help. This sad situation resulted in the loss of a life and harsh violence against two more – with over nine pleas for help being completely ignored by local authorities. So, you can see why people are enlisting security services in South Africa and for many people it has actually become a last resort for safety.

Security services in South Africa that you can rely on

This increase in crime stats also concerns us, and we urge you to reconsider your personal and family security. This is why we are passionate about offering an excellent range of specialised services. You shouldn’t need to stress about which road you will take to get to work, or whether you can enjoy a walk on the promenade after sunlight hours. You should be allowed to live your life with complete peace of mind, knowing that your safety is in the most capable hands and that you will not become another victim to violent crime.

If you are eager to take your freedom back and start living without needless fear then contact D & K Bodyguards today. We are passionate about keeping you and your family safe and are always here to assist with advice regarding security services in South Africa.

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