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Security Services in South Africa - Keeping You and Your Group Totally Safe

Security has become a hot topic in South Africa over the last 10 – 15 years especially. With an astoundingly high crime rate fuelled by rampant unemployment and poverty, SA citizens are becoming increasingly concerned about their general safety - hence enlisting the skills of professional security services.

In this piece we will take a closer look at why you need to place your well-being in the hands of the highly trained security professionals, like ours at D&K Bodyguard Services.

Low key executive protection

We specialise in being able to provide effective, low key security services for all of our valued clients. Meticulous planning and effective execution of these plans has won us the hearts of our long list of satisfied customers. VIPs are especially susceptible to attacks and so we take our offering serious indeed. Our team of executive bodyguards undergo stringent screening and training procedures in order to ensure that our excellent track record remains unblemished.

Effective security solutions for tourists

We pride ourselves on being able to provide dependable protection to local and international tourists or business travellers. Criminals in fact enjoy operating in tourist hotspots as foreign nationals are often seen as soft targets worthy of exploitation. Our security services cater to both large and small groups of tourists or travelling parties. This leaves business and pleasure uninterrupted during your once-off visit or periodic stay.

Security drivers

South African roads sadly do have a history that make them some of the most dangerous in the world; with thousands of serious as well as fatal accidents and collisions occurring each year. The team of security services drivers within our workforce have successfully facilitated the transportation of some of South Africa’s and the world’s most well-known VIPs. As certified collision avoidance specialists, our team of drivers also need to possess diplomas in advanced driving as well as anti hi-jacking techniques. Our team of bodyguards are also available to escort large groups of people utilising a tour bus service on outings across the country, for instance.

At D&K Bodyguard Services, your peace of mind is our priority. Contact us today to find out more about our comprehensive range of security services.

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