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Why Citizens Are Opting For Private Security Services In South Africa

Private security services in South Africa are constantly gaining in popularity – as more and more citizens continue to lose faith in ‘public protection’. Stories continue to emerge of corrupted police officers using unnecessary force or abusing their power, accepting bribes, and failing to act efficiently if at all! Although this is not true for all police officers in South Africa, these are nonetheless very legitimate concerns.


Private security services in South Africa are considered more reliable as they are based on private and mutually-beneficial engagements between companies and individuals or their business entities. It is a win-win as the company seeks business, while the client seeks reliable and efficient protection at an agreed fee. The truth is that those police officers who are tirelessly committed to ridding the streets of criminals and responding effectively to incidences, and those who are not as committed will probably continue to be paid by the state in spite thereof. This is why many people choose to have faith in what they pay for; plus there is accountability – and expectations, obligations and consequences are spelt out if services are delivered poorly.


We promote the development of real relationships between our clients and our agents so that a genuine level of trust can be established. There are so many different police officers who could respond to incidences in an area that you are very unlikely to know who is coming to your aid. This also creates a major pitfall, as criminals with the simple help of a fake uniform, can trick citizens into letting them into their homes – with weapons and criminal intent! Our security services in South Africa are designed to offer agents that you can get to know and trust on a more personal and “comfortable” level. This creates ‘flow’ and harmony in an emergency situation, maximising the chances of emerging unscathed.


As we all know, many crimes are committed very rapidly and leave little to no time for error. In these situations, police officers may not always be as available or responsive as you might hope. There have been reports of non-response or officers arriving hours after the perpetration of a crime. You cannot afford to take these chances as literally every second counts and delay could easily make the difference between life and death!!

Our security services in South Africa have been formulated and fine-tuned to ensure excellence when it comes to meeting our clients’ specific and important needs – effectively and efficiently! Don’t allow your safety to lie in the ‘hands of uncertainty’ – contact us today and find out exactly how our professional security services in South Africa can be matched to your requirements.

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