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Security Consultants – Gaining The Most Strategic Security Advantage

The job of security consultants is a critically important one, especially in a country like South Africa. They are required to liaise with both businesses and individuals in terms of security for residential, industrial or commercial properties. This can include anything from protection of staff and clients within a building, to the safekeeping of sensitive digital information within a network. This piece will take a closer look at the strategic role of security consultants within the industry.


The main responsibility of security consultants is to conduct various tests assessing the integrity of current security systems. This will involve trying to determine how easy or difficult it will be to enter a locked building or the ease at which sensitive information can be obtained by hacking into a network. Once the tests have been completed, the consultant will list all of the vulnerable areas within the residence or office and make recommendations on how to improve security.

Brief job description

In a nutshell, security consultants will need to evaluate the current security measures being implemented at a residence, office or industrial plant in order to determine how easily they can be breached. The role of the consultant is preventative, looking to tackle any potential problems before they are exploited by criminals. Most consultants work independently and are not affiliated with the security company that will eventually install the new features. With us you have all these services under one roof.


The modern security consultants need to possess a wide range of skills ranging from knowledge of physical security systems right the way through to an intimate knowledge of data structures and computer security. This highly skilled position will more than likely require a Bachelor’s Degree in information technology as well as computer security and previous experience in the security sector.

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