Security consultants offer you peace of mind with highly developed skills and capabilities

If you are a businessperson, celebrity or individual who is concerned about your safety - we offer security consultants that can accommodate your lifestyle, while keeping you safe from any and all potential threats. Many people however, don’t fully understand the true value of these specialised agents. This is why we are here to provide this fantastic insight into the world of private protection and your personal security.

Security consultants with psychological insight

Many of our agents come from similar industries to our own, such as SAPS, military services or other agencies focused on safety and protection. This provides vast amounts of experience and insight into various crimes and threats, allowing them to identify and eliminate threats quickly and effectively – often before you even know that a threat exists. When dangerous situations do arise, however, our security consultants are also trained to handle any threat by understanding how the criminal mind works and acting before the criminal does, to counteract the danger.

Vulnerability and risk assessment

It’s important that you, as with any individual, understand the potential threats that you may be exposed to daily. This is where security consultants thrive; through experience and careful planning, they can rapidly assess your immediate and potential threat levels. This enhances our personal security package, as it means that you often won’t even have to deal with threats, since the consultant has already planned to avoid them completely.

This is no easy task however, and requires hours of practice and hard work to perfect. This is also one of the main reasons why we are in the industry. We therefore only offer the highest quality protection and related specialised services for each of our valued clients.

A mastery of various defence forms

As security professionals, security consultants will be trained in a variety of defence forms. From guns to martial arts as well as threat avoidance, our agents specialise in keeping you safe. This of course means that, regardless of whether you are being stalked at your home, followed on the street, aimed at from a window or charged by an angry mob, our agents will be capable of mitigating the threat and keeping you safe.

If you want to find out more about security consultants, as well as how they can help you live your life more conveniently and stress-free, contact Global Bodyguard Solutions today.

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