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Key Responsibilities of a Security Consultant

The security consultant is a vital cog in any security set-up; they may take more of a back seat when compared to personal security guards but are just as important. A security consultant, in a nutshell, is responsible for carrying out threat assessments, attempting to mitigate risk to clients as well as performing security vulnerability assessments. This piece will focus on the key responsibilities taken on by a security consultant.

Vulnerability assessment

This is in all likelihood the most important responsibility of any security consultant. Carrying out risk assessment effectively means being able to predict where possible breaches of security can occur. Identifying these weak points and carrying out the necessary measures in order to secure them up, often means stomping out a security breach pre-emptively and saving much unnecessary grief.

Threat assessment

A threat assessment is similar to that of a vulnerability assessment, only instead of looking at where your security system is most vulnerable; it looks at who or what poses the biggest threat to your client. If a proper threat assessment is carried out by a security consultant, the guards working with your client will know exactly what to look out for in terms of threats. This allows all security personnel to quickly pinpoint and diffuse any threatening situations.

Mitigating risk

If the above two assessments are carried out effectively and successfully then the mitigation of risk should largely be taken care of. When it comes to personal security, the minimising of any risks toward the client is crucial and remains the core objective. Neither the personal guards nor the client want to have to deal with any confrontations, especially not in the public eye – as the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”...And for this reason it is imperative that you are deal with a credible security consultant with a traceable history.

Communication skills

This is just as important as all three of the above skills. A security consultant will need to constantly relay information to all security personnel so that no harm comes to any client. It is also hugely important for a security consultant to constantly liaise with the client in order to keep them in the ‘know’ with what’s happening security wise.

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