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Enhance Your Lifestyle with a Respected Bodyguard Course

All across South Africa important business people and ‘average citizens’ alike are enquiring more and more about personal security and how they can further protect themselves. The threats to all South Africans are unfortunately on a constant rise, but we can stay a step ahead of criminals by undertaking security and safety measures, and even consider enrolling for a bodyguard course.

Every qualified security agent that you employ will have bodyguard training to their credit and will possess the knowhow to effectively respond to dangerous situations. In spite of this, it is still beneficial to expose yourself to bodyguard courses, and nothing stops you as a client from also registering with a reputable facilitator. An effectively structured bodyguard course will equip and edify you of potentially life-threatening scenarios, how to handle yourself in these circumstances, and generally how to enhance your personal security.

Here are just some of the ways that a bodyguard course can benefit you, both in times of duress and in your day-to-day activities:

  • Fitness – Bodyguard training values fitness above many other traits and skills and can be one of the most physically demanding careers in the world.

  • Composure Under Pressure – There are many scenarios in which an agent needs to stay calm and collected so as to react with the most appropriate and effective response, in accordance with client safety. These types of scenarios are practiced rigorously in a bodyguard course as hesitation during an attack can result in disastrous consequences.

  • Teamwork and Communication – Our agents are mostly trained and assigned in teams so as to be more effective and provide more reliable security. Team communication is vital in this area as people not working in synergy can be far more detrimental rather than helpful in a dangerous situation.

  • Self-Awareness – This entails being able to both stand out from, and blend in with a crowd and is taught in many different bodyguard courses. To be able to do this our agents are trained in observatory and imaginative skills. Although it may sound strange, our agents need to be able to visually conceive how potential attackers may take advantage of certain situations. This helps enhance reaction time and mental alertness.

  • Attuned to Senses – Our agents is trained to take note of every sound and sight that they take in and to analyse them to find inconsistencies. Sometimes all it really takes to stop a criminal is to notice him before he notices you!

For more detailed information, don’t hesitate to contact Bodyguard Protection Services at to register for a bodyguard course. Remember these courses can benefit you in situations where you may be alone or where you are forced to respond to a direct attack. We offer expertly delivered bodyguard courses, private protection and many other services for your safety.!


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