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Reinforcing Your Guard Dog For Personal Protection!

Guard dogs are trained animals which can play a vital role in providing personal protection and enhancing security levels. Although guard dogs are great as an extra layer of personal protection for you or your family a badly trained or untrained dog can lead to counterproductive results.

In times of emergency or distressed situations the last thing one needs is a dog that causes a hindrance or worsens the situation. Most pet dogs don’t offer guard dog status even though this is their original intent. They are not trained to handle dangerous situations and this can be more disastrous as some attackers may be induced to react even more harshly in the face of an untrained dog. The dog may also simply run in blindly biting at ankles, offering you no real personal protection, or possibly even cower away in fear at the sight of more than one intruder. On the other hand some dogs will simply be watch dogs, who bark to alert their owners, but don’t actually get involved or deter an invasion.

This is why dog training is so important and why it can add great value in terms of personal protection. In fact, well-trained dogs are taught to subdue attackers and incapacitate them from causing further harm by targeting arms and hands. For a tough criminal a normal dog would be easily shaken, but a large dog leaping onto them and biting their arms would force them to rethink their attack plans and very likely retreat, that’s if they are not already apprehended

Another factor is that a territorial dog in a yard can be quite intimidating for most people, serving as a great deterrent. A dog that has been trained and seems to watch your every movement is certainly terrifying to attackers. They also won’t eat from strangers, which is a common tactic to poison or immobilise them. Make sure your dog is trained as the criminals out there are getting ‘smarter’ and more innovative – you should think ahead and outsmart them!

Furthermore, if you really need personal protection that you can trust, consider speaking to one of our security consultants. You cannot gamble when it comes to your safety! We offer a wide range of personal protection and private security packages that not only meet your needs, but will also go a long way to reinforce the defensive layers by adding to your existing guard dog.

Contact Bodyguard Protection Services today for insightful security solutions and personal protection that won’t let you down in the face of danger! Contact our security consultants today for more information.

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