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The personal protection industry is constantly growing and the need for security consultants and security companies in South Africa is not slowing down. For this reason, many people are seriously considering permanent private protection - some are seeking additional security while others are recognising the field and have decided to take up a career in it.

Similarly to academic or technical colleges and universities, one has to afford careful thought to their decision when choosing a personal protection academy. Not all security consultants and academies are recognised by industry and appropriately accredited. The unfortunate result is that many of the students till today are unemployed! The big difference between a recognised personal security school and one that fails to have a credible impact on its students, lies in the calibre and relevance of the training!

Your academy should demonstrate a proven history of former students who are employed and in demand; their industry expertise should never be in question! This type of school will offer good personal security courses that adequately equip an individual to perform professional private protection. The course must be designed around the exact industry needs in order to remain relevant and useful. Some course may be designed around different levels of physical fitness and experience depending on the specific training.

Most people who are new to the industry will have to start with beginner courses and work their way toward specialisation. Beginner courses in personal protection involve more theory and fitness training, while also learning the basics such as guidelines for mental and emotional preparation. The private protection industry is a harsh world with dire consequences and a good bodyguard needs to be calm and in control at all times. One break in concentration or a moment of hesitation can spell failure and result in death of the agent, client or bystanders.

More advanced courses are available for those who have accomplished the beginner courses or are perhaps ex-military. These are usually chosen specifically by the individual; according to lifestyle, build, preference to weapons, desired jobs or even just for brushing up on certain key skills. The skills necessary for each personal protection job is different, so having a diverse array of skills means you are not only versatile but also competent in divergent skills.

The skills attained from bodyguard training courses, both beginner and advanced, are invaluable assets in a personal protection agent’s toolkit and will most likely be the difference between life and death, perhaps on many occasions. If you require the specialised skills of a reputable security company in South Africa, look no further than SASSETA accredited Bodyguard Protection Services. Contact us today to enrol at our training academy or to engage one of our experienced personal security bodyguards.

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