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Protocols to Increase Efficiency of VIP Protection in South Africa

Our agents are trained rigorously so as to not only survive potentially deadly situations, but also disarm threats and deliver the client to complete safety. VIP protection in South Africa, due to the sensitive and demanding nature of the job, is easily one of the most challenging career paths. In order to ensure that our agents operate optimally, so that you receive the maximum benefits of our specialised services, we also provide our clients with a certain amount of training. This also ensures that in the event of a threat or imminent danger you also know how to respond appropriately and have a basic understanding of what to expect from the agent.

Basic Movement

This may seem like it should come naturally to most people, but history has shown that many people, shocked by the sheer surprise of the attack, temporarily ‘lose’ their ability to think clearly. This means that in this state the individual can easily endanger themself. When acquiring VIP protection in South Africa with us, we see to it that our clients are trained how and when to “get low” and how to reduce their visibility in order to steer clear of harms way. Once the client is low and covered they must then listen to and cooperate with the agent, who will effectively guide them to safety.

Cooperation and Trust

Cooperation is obvious as the agent will be able to explain precisely what the client must do in order to keep safe, but a lack of trust can present many problems for agents. In VIP protection in South Africa, if the client does not trust the agent with their life then cooperation is immediately hindered and the task of securing the client’s safety becomes more difficult. Trust is also easily gained and lost, so we try to encourage empathetic relationships between our clients and designated agents in order to strengthen and maintain “real and accountable” trust.

Increased Awareness

Although our VIP protection agents in South Africa are all highly trained in keen sense and awareness, we believe that it can only help for our clients to receive basic awareness training too. Identifying potential threats before they happen is sometimes all it takes to completely avoid and / or neutralise them. Furthermore, there certainly will be times where our clients may choose to be alone or are compelled to be alone. Our important clients know that their life is constantly under potential threat and many actually seek a little bit of extra training when acquiring VIP protection in South Africa. This is certainly helpful in the event of an unforeseen occurrence.

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