The level of violence and intimidation during labour unrest (strikes) has risen dramatically over the last ten (10) years. It is now almost guaranteed that during a strike, the striking members will resort to some form of intimidation and some level of violence and vandalism towards the targeted company and its assets. This, unfortunately, often includes its people.

We provide strike protection security teams. These teams are expertly trained individuals who are skilled at handling crowds and tense situations. They are highly skilled and will always put your life first.

Protection of personnel and property will be done in a manner that is fully compliant with the laws of South Africa.

Our teams convey a subtle message of controlled dominance over the situation, ensuring that the striking workers know full well that your people and property are under  our  protection  and
cannot be touched.

All our teams are also deployed with a technical specialist tasked with videoing every detail of the strike and any criminal acts. This is then presented after the fact as evidence in any company or criminal procedure.

Our reputation for providing protection solutions during labour unrest is unmatched. During times of strikes, no company can afford to “dabble” with untrained, unskilled guards. You require specialists trained to handle these unique situations, under the leadership of an experienced senior team leader.

Our teams all consist of:

“Your protection teams during the NUMSA strike were invaluable to us,
thank you so much.”

– Renee De Klerk, Buhler