Protection services in South Africa – Vigilantes are filling the gaps that police don’t

Over the past ten years, few would argue against facts pointing to our national police force exhibiting a steady downhill; and more and more residents have thus been seeking private protection services in South Africa. This should come as no surprise to South Africans who keep up with security trends however, as corruption runs deep and greed is sadly ever prevalent in many of our vital public sectors. This has unfortunately reached such a high level that average citizens in areas where they cannot afford private security have taken to the streets to handle the crime themselves.

Public protection services in South Africa

In areas like Westdene in Gauteng, where crime runs rampantly through the poorer areas, people are taking their safety into their own hands. Similar to neighbourhood watches, citizens are voluntarily guarding their streets and keeping a careful watch of who enters, leaves and loiters on their streets. A large segment finds this unacceptable in our country, which is said to be working towards first world standards. Furthermore it’s estimated there should be more than enough manpower to ensure this doesn’t need to happen.

Private protection services that you can trust

There may also be times in your career where you know that a threat is imminent but are not able to vocalise it. In such situations, the bodyguard you hire can carefully read your body and facial language and rapidly decipher the subtle messages you are sending. This can mean the difference between safety and real danger as your agent will be able to rapidly eliminate the threat without you even seeming to notice it. So work on your relationship with the bodyguard you hire and allow him or her greater insight into your subtle communications.

This is precisely the reason why so many people choose private security companies like us over the police. Our protection services in South Africa are aimed at providing legitimate value for money where citizens can feel completely safe while discharging their day to day duties. History has shown that many police officers who may lack the motivation or means to tackle various cases including violent crimes – have inadvertently opened the gap for private protection. For citizens this means exclusive service and specially trained staff members who are well-remunerated and most of all well equipped to ensure optimal security levels.

D & K Bodyguards offer reliable and reputable protection services in South Africa that ensure your safety both while on the move and as you go about your main routines. If you’re interested in our professional services then feel free to contact us directly today. We are passionate about protecting South African citizens and offer guaranteed peace of mind when it comes to service delivery.

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