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Personal Protection Services – Desirable Traits

For most people the phrase personal protection services conjures up images of burley men clad in dark suits and ear pieces who are all muscle and no brain. This, however, could not be further from the truth! In reality these top professionals must possess a multitude of different skills and traits which allow them to keep clients safe in nearly any situation. This piece will take a look at some of these highly desirable skills and competencies.

The ability to completely avoid any unwanted issues with proper planning:

Most personal protection service personnel will constantly liaise with a security consultant. The job of the security consultant is just as important as that of the guards around the client. The security consultant will conduct risk and threat assessments in order to minimise the risks faced by the client. A good security consultant coupled with competent, well trained protection services will often not have to deal with any threats whilst out in public. This is because the threats have proactively been diffused, mitigated, averted or completely avoided.

Keeping a low profile whilst providing enough of a presence to deter would-be attackers:

This is an invaluable skill in the personal protection services industry. No client will want to be smothered by his or her protection services. Ideally the guards will need to take a backseat whilst still maintaining enough of a presence to keep undesirables away. The industry is defined by many of these fine lines, and this aspect is a true test of experience and skill for the personnel concerned.

Strong bodies and even stronger minds:

Most people tend to imagine that everyone that works in personal protection services are muscle-bound individuals, with “thinking” not exactly being a major criteria. This again is a major misconception! While maintaining their physically daunting physique is often important, personal protection personnel need to have incredibly sharp minds. A strong body and mind will go a long way in being able to diffuse and indeed avoid any undesirable occurrences, with as little collateral damage as possible.

Listed above are just three of the many skills and traits that personal protection services need to possess. Each client is different, so each operation is treated uniquely in order to provide the best service to the client. For protection services that you can depend on contact us at D&K Bodyguard Services today!

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