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Protection Services and the Concept of “White-Hat Criminals”

One of the stranger concepts in protection services that has recently been developed, is to test the level of security by allowing ‘professionals’ to try and break in, or perform the objective that a criminal usually would. These ‘criminals’ don’t actually perform the theft or assassination of-course, but simply try to bypass or disarm your security system. They then get paid for their services by the professional protection service providers who enlist their skills. They also often help in determining the best methods in which to fix or upgrade various areas of security.

As strange a practice as this may seem, it can certainly help determine a large amount of flaws or gaps in your protection services package - with the intent of enhancing it through “entropy followed by correction”. Here are just a few of the ways that white-hat criminals can help in bolstering your protection services and maintaining optimum security:


There are times when simple surveillance isn’t enough for advanced criminals and gaps may be present in arbitrary places like the roof or through the floorboards. Although this may seem farfetched, with the right price at their fingertips, some criminals will do anything to breach your protection services! Other times they may plant a dubious camera, which can then butterfly through your system by making various other cameras vulnerable. White-hat criminals of-course try and breach security systems in order to survey ‘targets’ and subsequently ways are found to plug these weak points.

Perception of Agents

Agents need to be constantly alert, perceptive, and highly intuitive. If an agent by some means falls asleep on the job or loses concentration, for as little as a minute, your security is compromised and your life may be in danger! White-hat criminals are trained to lay in wait and take advantage of concentration lapses. Superior concentration is all it takes for a criminal to bypass your protection services and complete his objective.

Security Systems

There are so many different alarms systems on the market today, some that trip when the power is cut, and some that even lock down the doors and windows. However, none are perfect, especially when criminals themselves are constantly upgrading their own technology. Personal protection services and security systems experts are always employing new technology to try and trick the crooks, but while we upgrade our systems, so do criminals. Yet again this is where the skills of white-hat criminals come in – to help plug these vulnerabilities too.

So as you can see in just these three examples, white-hat criminals can help a protection services organisation develop and improve security systems and protocol in many ways. For more information on private protection, visit Bodyguard Protection Services at, for peace of mind when it comes to your safety and security!

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