Protecting Your Executives: How We Do It

Money makes the world go ‘round, which is why successful companies make use of executive protection services to protect their interests. As such, executive security not only deals with protecting the upper echelon of a company, but also extends to any person or resource of key value to the company. Following are some of the steps we take at Global Bodyguard Solutions to ensure the safety of your executive/key personnel.

Home and Business Security Assessment

While many companies focus on security and protection services in their buildings, the most vulnerable location for your personnel is often their home. While you may have measures in place to protect your software and data, if criminals kidnap a key person’s family members as leverage to get information, they can effectively circumvent all those office security measures. Worst of all, criminals are not above using your own people to do it.

This is why we make sure that, during our executive security process, our trained professionals assess the security of both your homes and business locations. In this way they can carry out bug sweeps, search for vulnerabilities, and identify a whole host of risks you may not have been aware of.

Risk Reports

Once assessments have been carried out our security officers will provide you with a detailed report on the risks and vulnerabilities they found. Furthermore, they are able to provide detailed risk reports specific to the country and certain areas of interest. This can, for instance, be invaluable in identifying risky locations to avoid, as well as advising on measures to prepare for, prevent and/or avoid all possible risks.

Travel Advisory

As mentioned above, risk reports can identify certain areas which are hotspots for crimes such as kidnappings or hijackings. The travel advisory component of our executive protection service deals with planning out routes in order to avoid these areas, as well as providing the best possible security measures when travelling through these areas is unavoidable. However, as far as possible, our primary focus is to ensure that our clients face as little risk as possible.
Contact us to find out how our professional executive protection personnel can provide you with complete peace of mind. If you want to have your own security team trained by top-notch professionals, consider our training academy.

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