Professional Security Consultant for Your Business

A security consultant plays a vitally important role in any business’ security across South Africa. The main purpose of these security professionals is to provide business owners with a wealth of information that can later be used in determining how secure the organisation actually is – whether in the ‘material world’ or in the cyber world.

A sound consultant needs to be exceedingly thorough in his or her work, as one small oversight can lead to a disastrous collapse in security measures later on down the line. This piece will focus more closely on how our security personnel can assist your business or organisation.

What will be evaluated by a security consultant - to determine exactly what you need?

The initial part of the inspection usually involves inspecting some of the more obvious parts of your business premises. This will include an extensive examination of locks, windows, doors, entry points, security lighting as well as perimeter fencing.

Next, the existing security measures will be scrutinised in order to ensure that all facets of your current defences are working correctly. This includes your CCTV systems, access control to both the premises as well as various restricted areas within the building.

Other things included in this initial inspection comprise of the reviewing of emergency procedures, and inspection of day-to-day operations

Consultations with the business owner and security team

The business owner or the on-site security manager will be in contact with the security consultant once the initial evaluation has been completed. During this consultation, the security team will highlight a number of different security measures which need to be put in place in order to properly secure the premises.

It is important to note that this will often differ from business to business. For example, a platinum mine in the Northwest Province will have greatly different security needs to a blue-chip business in the Sandton CBD.

Get in touch with the team at Global Bodyguard Solutions today to learn more about our services – or to enlist a security consultant to accurately assess, strategise and execute the ideal security solution for your organisation.

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