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Private protection for Mandela Day and Other Special Events

Private protection for VIP’s and dignitaries at large events has become an absolute must over the last few years. With these events often beamed into households across the world via satellite television, it sets a stage for terrorist groups to violently force their ideologies or place demands on people. By enlisting the services of a reputable private protection firm for your Mandela Day celebration or any other event you may be hosting, you’re taking a great step toward the overall safety of your guests and dignitaries. In this piece we will explore the importance of having private security on hand for your Mandela Day event.

Keep dignitaries and members of the public safe

A good private protection firm will be able to perform threat assessments before the event gets started in order to ascertain where breaches are most likely to come from. By having an intimate understanding of threat assessment techniques, they are able to keep everyone attending your event safe; whilst simultaneously keeping undesirable elements deterred and away.

Squash all threats before they can materialise

Threats from outside sources are a very real danger at any public gathering – add to that mix a sprinkling of VIP’s and the danger becomes even more real. Effective private protection services are trained to assess every situation and quash active as well as potential threats before they have the opportunity to inflict any form of harm or cause a breach. If any threats are detected, the undesirable elements will be neutralised including quickly and discreetly ushering individuals or groups out of the venue, so as not to raise any panic among the guests and dignitaries. The authorities may be called in to take them into custody, interrogation and so on, as the law may call for.

A visible presence can often deter attackers

By simply having a professional security presence at your event you are able to deter any would be attackers. This presence also helps people attending your celebration feel safe and secure; allowing them to comfortably enjoy the event you’ve got planned.

Here at D&K Bodyguards we pride ourselves on the level of security that our private protection officials can provide. If you’re looking for a comprehensive security solution for your event, feel free to contact us today.

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