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Personal safety with VIP protection in South Africa


VIP protection in South Africa involves bodyguards who offer protection to clientele for any number of actual and potential dangers. Clients are considered VIPs no matter who they are, from wealthy businessmen to actors and even average citizens who deem it necessary to opt for a higher level of personal safety. Bodyguards are intensively trained to respond, pre-empt, anticipate and avert any potential threat to those they protect.

Apart from the high crime rates, VIP protection in South Africa has bodyguards facing even more danger from other imminent threats. Famous people are often idolised for their skill or even appearance; fanatics armed with misled intent, can sometimes be even more dangerous than organised criminals. ‘Unorganised crime’, such as muggings, hijackings and even fan-attacks, are extremely difficult to plan for and subsequently these areas of protection require very quick response and rapid risk assessment. Similar dangers faced by personnel in charge of VIP protection in South Africa are very real. With Bodyguard Protection Services our bodyguards are carefully selected, well-trained and possess the experience necessary to offer you complete peace of mind.

Another reason the demand for VIP protection in South Africa is increasing, stems from attacks on high profile businessmen, executives and high net-worth individuals, often initiated by competitors or rivals seeking an illegal advantage. Although this sounds like a blockbuster trailer, it’s unfortunately all too real, and that’s why we train our bodyguards to take nothing for granted and still be prepared any scenario. There have been occasions where former employees act on their grudge through revenge on a CEO perhaps, who had to lay off hundreds of people due to budget cuts and recession. The business world is becoming a notorious place and VIP protection in South Africa is becoming more of a necessity in many cases nowadays.

Greed is another popular reason that amplifies the need for VIP protection in South Africa. Criminals often attack VIPs in an attempt to steal money or valuable items and these are the perpetrators that can in fact be the most dangerous at times. Fanatics generally don’t have the ability to create an elaborate strategy to ‘get you’, while organised crime is planned and accurate. Although organised crime sounds the worst, crime with greedy intent can be very chaotic, with high collateral damage. Greedy criminals only want the money and disregard all else including the life of anyone around, young or old! Their desperation makes them a dangerous threat!

We live in an age of far more advanced crime, and the opportunity for high reward is very alluring for skilled criminals. For your own VIP protection in South Africa and to ensure complete safety contact Bodyguard Protection Services. Call today for professional assistance and reliability customer service.

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