Personal Protection for International Dignitaries

As beautiful a country as South Africa is, it still represents significant risks for international dignitaries visiting our shores – which is why we offer you personal protection. As the economic powerhouse of Africa, the country often sees a large influx of international bigwigs every year for various conferences and meetings – especially in the Gauteng Province where many businesses and government branches are located.

The following piece will take a closer look at a few of the roles which protection professionals have to play when assigned to an international dignitary.


The number one reason for hiring a personal protection professional is to make sure that the client is kept safe throughout his or her stay in the country. This requires meticulous planning down to the very finest detail, from the advanced planning of travel routes to maintaining a discreet presence in public settings. Should any threat make itself known, it’s up to the protection professionals to deal with the threat effectively and discreetly. This means removing the threat as quickly as possible whilst causing minimal fuss.

Peace of mind

Simply by enlisting the services of a security and personal protection team that the dignitary can trust, he or she can enjoy staying in one of South Africa’s major cities without ever feeling threatened. This is the essence of our protection – keeping the client as safe as humanly possible and providing a real sense of security.

Transport with our personal protection

Another important part of our protection service is being able to efficiently facilitate the transportation of a dignitary from point A to point B. This means having an intimate knowledge of the road networks within a city as well as which areas to avoid at certain times. By partnering with a sound protection group, dignitaries are able to travel freely across a city or province in comfort while knowing that they’re in the safest possible hands.

The team at Global Bodyguard Solutions has effectively provided personal protection for a number of high ranking dignitaries and celebrities including Khloe Kardashian, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. James Canton as well as crews from Discovery TV. Get in touch with us today for any further queries you may have about one of our services.

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