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Personal Protection – Be Careful Who You Open Up To


We are consistently moving ever closer to the scary technological future that we see in movies, where a hacker can find all of your personal information in the blink of an eye and plan an attack without even leaving their location. So we need to start becoming much more aware of our personal protection and the kind of information we put out in the public arena – which criminals can of course also view and use against us.

Personal protection – Sharing the wrong information with the wrong crowd

A very simple example is how vehicle stickers have been growing in popularity over the last 20 years or so. These are now becoming far more personalised, which is leading to surprisingly dangerous results. If you have a young child who attends a certain school and are given a school sticker to put on your car, criminals can immediately tell where your child will be every single day. This thought is scary enough without going into further details. People also brazenly share even more personal information than this on a regular basis on forums, Facebook and in many more digital and physical locations.

Personal protection – Consider the safety implications of personal info’ becoming public

What we’re essentially trying to say is that you need to carefully consider what information you share with the public and where you decide to share it. Criminals are always looking for easy targets with little to no regard for personal protection; so you should always try and make it as hard as possible for them to find out your personal details.

So next time you want to share information about yourself with your community, think carefully about how criminals could take advantage of this information. Your and your family’s personal protection should always remain number a one priority in your life.

Furthermore, if you would like to enlist the services of trained personal protection agents for extra peace of mind, then this is advisable – especially if you are in the public eye or hold a key position in business or government. Ensure that your family never falls victim to crime; visit our services page or call us directly at D&K Bodyguard Services today.

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