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Personal Protection For The Average Citizen


Personal protection is an effective option to provide safety, security and peace of mind. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford security consultants and some people may feel that they are not exposed to constant danger which would warrant this type of security. For basic personal protection, martial arts and self-defence classes are great ways to provide that extra safety and allow you to handle dangerous situations. Of-course in the same breath you cannot put a price tag on your wellbeing and in this day and age it is not uncommon for so-called “average citizens” to opt for some level of professional personal protection. For those still considering the basic forms of personal protection, consider the following discussion.

Self-defence classes are great for personal private protection and aim to teach avoidance, de-escalation of danger and neutralisation of threats - in that order of priority. These techniques are usually taught in accordance to your personal size and fitness level, so that anyone can learn to protect themselves. Avoidance takes top priority in personal private protection and trains people how to spot potentially dangerous situations and simply avoid all need for self-defence. This is the easiest and most reliable way to keep safe at all times.

De-escalation of danger is a fancy way of defining “conflict management”. This step involves the use of words, tone and body language to reduce the amount of violence as much as possible. Criminals can be vulnerable to specific calculated responses and knowing when to stop talking is just as important as knowing what to say. Neutralising threats is the last resort in personal private protection, in which you actually get physical and attempt to either disarm or subdue the attacker. This situation is unfortunately a real danger that we all face, and knowing what to do in this situation can mean life or death.

Martial arts present another popular way of enhancing personal private protection. Similar to self-defence, there are three specifically good martial arts that are great for average citizens to learn to protect themselves:

  • Aikido – Made extremely famous by Steven Seagal movies, Aikido focusses on high evasion and using the attacker’s momentum to literally snap wrists and subdue threats. Aikido doesn’t have many striking moves but allows any strength or size individual to immobilise any attacker.
  • Wing Chun – Originally intended specifically for women, with flexible moves and a strong focus on defence and countering. These moves are also designed to deliver high impact with little effort and are advantageous for the smaller combatant.
  • Krav Maga – The cream of the crop in personal private protection. This martial art trains close quarters fighting and is designed specifically for incapacitation and survival. Most of the moves are focussed on vulnerable body parts like the eyes and throat.

If you need a new level of professional personal protection rather contact a specialist. With us at Bodyguard Protection Services you can expect highly efficient and trained individuals, capable of responding to any potential danger or threat!

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