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Personal Protection: Understanding Offensive and Defensive Weaponry


With the ever increasing crime rate and fear that grips so many citizens daily, it’s no surprise that more people are seeking personal protection in the form of weaponry – even dangerous weaponry! In these times it seems that we are always on the lookout for suspicious activity or potential threats – to you, your loved ones, and your property.

Although “force” seems like the only viable solution, when it comes to weaponry we must be cautioned against the enticement of obtaining lethal weaponry as the only reliable means of ‘neutralising’ intruders or robbers. Weapons can at times make a situation more volatile, lead to the innocent party being incarcerated due to legal ‘red tape’, and can even become a negative symbol of “brutality” to impressionable youngsters and small children.

Quick Facts

About nine out of ten murders involve the use of weapons; these are usually common weapons like guns, knives, bats and clubs that are easy enough for almost anyone to familiarise themselves with. Statistics show that about one in seven teens have reported carrying some kind of a concealed weapon, such as those mentioned above, for personal protection as they do not want to become statistics at the hands of criminals with heavier weaponry, and a greater propensity towards violence.

Dangerous Home Weapons

People feel much safer with a weapon that they are familiar with. However, it’s still probable that weapons like bats, knives and even handguns will be ineffective, especially against experienced criminals. Apart from criminals usually being heavily armed, if a citizen fails to neutralise an intruder with their weapon, the chances are strong that the intruder will also seize the same weapon and perhaps use it on the victim. Weapons at home, whether flaunted or hidden, also promote violence. This is unavoidable as children recognise common weapons, and will more likely associate them with the ‘ability to hurt’ others, rather than identify them as objects of self-defence.

Safe Home Protection ‘Tools’

The personal protection industry is always researching and developing new ‘tools’ that are based on reliable defensive tactics. These can incapacitate criminals and offer adequate safety for individuals and their family in the event of the unforeseen! Some examples include the likes of pepper spray, Tasers and specialised batons. Specialised defensive weapons are designed to incapacitate attackers whilst ensuring that if you are confronted by a criminal you can act proactively without concerns of having to deal with a murder charge for example.

So pay special attention to the type of weaponry you invest in and always use it judiciously. The proper use of defensive weaponry can prove to be effective and more beneficial than purely offensive and heavy weaponry. You can choose to reinforce your personal protection by enlisting experts who are trained to protect you and your household in an efficient yet unobtrusive manner. Our personnel are also experts when it comes to handling all types of weaponry. For reliable assistance visit us at or contact us directly for a quotation.

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