How to keep safe and maintain optimal private protection

How to keep safe and maintain optimal private protection

In the world of private protection it’s sometimes difficult not to get angry with what so many citizens have to deal with every day. This is because we are passionate about the safety of all South African citizens as well as foreign visitors; and we hate to hear of the countless stories of violence and discord that happen on our streets on a daily basis.

So we are here to offer some helpful tips and advice on how you can keep safe and avoid requiring private protection as much as possible.

Be aware of your surroundings

The first tip for everyone and anyone is to be more aware of your surroundings. This means that you should be cautious of strangers who seem to have a hidden agenda, take note if you see the same car following you from place to place and avoid being isolated in questionable areas. This way you will be able to react to a dangerous situation before it becomes uncontrollable and rapidly identify when imminent dangers present themselves. And thus also identify the need for qualified private protection.

Don’t be an easy target

Next up in this series of private protection tips is to try your hardest not to make yourself an easy target. So instead of dressing from head to toe in fancy clothes and jewellery, with a massive camera hanging around your neck, get some casual clothes and simply enjoy blending into the crowds. The reason we suggest this is because the majority of criminals are on the lookout for affluent or important people, and if you’re dressing like an important person you could easily be their next target.

Choose professionals for your safety

You should never discredit the value of professional private protection, however, as with quality protective services you can rest easy – knowing that you’re in safe hands while still enjoying the lifestyle you love. Our agents are highly trained in regards to keeping vigilant at all times, maintaining offensive and risk assessment skills as well as defensive manoeuvres if a situation does get extremely dangerous.

If you’re eager to enquire about our superior private protection services and want to know about the amazing benefits that we can offer you, simply contact D & K Bodyguard Services today.

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