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Executive protection, also referred to as Close Personal Protection, is a more advanced style of personal protection where a person is exposed to greater threat due to employment, status or special associations – such as a family member of a celebrity or important person.

Executive protection is similar to personal protection in many ways, but requires more advanced training with specialised weaponry, vehicles, security systems and communications. These, plus many more skills, make executive protection far more effective as the agents are more prepared for imminent danger and are capable of handling many different and complex scenarios that may occur.

Clients and Employees

There are times in the business world for instance where competitors will try to attain an illegal advantage through the use of kidnapping, extortion and even murder. Although these cases are not common, it still requires special executive protection to ensure that certain business clients are well protected during the course of business and related agendas.

Other times it may be necessary for employees or clients to travel to dangerous locations where kidnapping and extortion may be prevalent, or the client may be a high risk target. These also call for executive protection since most other protective services only deal with protection in the city and suburbs and the reach of security intelligence as well as specialisation is normally not as advanced. When employees or clients are travelling into high risk locations and situations, it is important for them to be accompanied by an executive protection agent or team who can handle any threats with their highly specialised training.

For your Family

If you are an important businessperson and you feel that your family may be targeted by competitors or criminals then don’t hesitate to acquire executive protection for them. Executive protection is the perfect solution for keeping your family safe whilst allowing them the freedom to live their lives. This also gives you peace of mind when you travel on business.

Executive protection is designed specifically to integrate into your lifestyle and that of your family so that everyone can continue to function effectively in their day-to-day routines. In many of these cases the agent, although always professional, often becomes intimate with the family in the sense of understanding each individual and in order to offer a higher level of executive protection.

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