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Greater Comfort with Specialised VIP Security


The idea of a bodyguard is usually quite a set standard in the mind of most, but what people don’t somehow realise is that various types of VIP security exist - catering for different sub-categories or areas of specialisation. Bodyguards are also usually placed into teams according to their skillset, in order to promote specialised efficiency and focused task completion.

Some agents, of-course, may choose to specialise in one or more skillsets, so as to enhance their overall competency and improve their chances of employment. The primary specialisations that a VIP security agent may choose to train in are chauffeuring, close quarters protection, intelligence and personal security detail (or PSD). Agents aren’t limited to any specific number of specialisations and all agents are trained sufficiently in all above skillsets, regardless of specialisation.


These are VIP security personnel who specialise in transportation: Stereotypically a driver of cars and vans, this skillset allows personnel to expertly handle almost any kind of transport, be it by land and even air or water. Chauffeurs are trained in advanced and defensive driving courses with the top priority of keeping the passengers and valuables safe. Most agents train in this sphere ‘mandatorily’, as it allows for easy escape in an emergency.

Close Quarters Protection

Close quarters refers to hand-to-hand and short range combat. This is commonly accomplished with advanced proficiency in self-defence as well as mastery of martial arts. Krav Maga is very popular amongst close quarters VIP security agents, but an agent may choose to master up to five martial arts to be able to handle any situation effectively!


This area of VIP protection involves surveillance, attaining legitimate sources of information and gathering details through investigation. Confidence is a ‘tell-tale sign’ of an intelligence agent as they will need to interview people, act unsuspicious and sometimes even play the role of a disguise. Many agents are proficient in this skill, but the ones who specialise in it can use the information as adeptly as any ‘weapon’.


Personal Security Detail VIP security agents are very valuable in personal protection. They are planners, using available information to not only neutralise threat but avoid it completely! You will know you have a great PSD when no threats are even encountered in the first place.

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