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Facilitating Efficient Airport Transfers


It is quite understandable why, over the past 12 years or so, airports have slowly been tightening their security protocols, expanding the list of illegal items and substances that aren’t allowed on planes and generally making airport transfers more of a nuisance than they should be for legal travellers. Although this may sound like more of a hassle for us in South Africa, it is of vital importance to ensure the complete safety of all passengers – and every passenger must be checked, questioned and verified accordingly when they wish to travel via an airplane.

For this reason we would like to discuss a few ways in which you can handle airport transfers so that you are always on time, never held up unreasonably by airport security and never miss important flights that are vital to your business success.

What you can do to Speed up the Process

There are actually a variety of steps that a traveller can take before even arriving at the airport to facilitate the airport security process and seamless airport transfers. Call the airport ahead of time to find out the exact details about how long you need to be at the airport before the flight since this is becoming different for each airport. The old system required passengers to be present 2 hours early, although some airports do accept online check-ins.

Ensure Your Luggage is Compliant

This is one of the most common problems for many travellers during airport transfers as too many people aren’t sure of the maximum weight that their luggage is allowed to be or how many bags they are allowed to take with them. Don’t hesitate to contact the airport before packing to ensure that you are allowed to bring what you are planning to and that you are ready to declare everything that needs to be declared during the airport transfers. Some common items like matches, aerosol deodorant and even hockey sticks have certain protocols that must be met and can otherwise cause you unnecessary delays.

So take some time to plan out and carefully consider your airport transfers so that you can save yourself time at the airport, avoid hassles at airport security and make your trip generally more comfortable and convenient. For more info’ on airport transfers. and many other security related topics, visit today or contact us directly. We offer specialised protection including airport to hotel transfers and visa versa.

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