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Expert Airport Transfers And Your Safety


VIPs such as celebrities, political figures, business icons and sportsmen often find themselves needing travel around the world for their work. While each may have a resident team at home that takes care of their safety and security, what happens when they touch down in a new country for the first time? An airport transfers service, that is familiar with the local territory and culture, is often the first line of defence against undesirable persons after landing.

In this piece we will take a closer look at why VIP airport transfers are so important in today’s day and age.

Arrive safely at your accommodation

The primary job of any airport transfer arrangement is to get clients safely to their accommodation without any mishaps. From the moment a client enters a vehicle until such time as he or she exits, the client’s safety is essentially in the hands of the driver. The drivers at D&K Bodyguard Services are all highly trained professionals, who have spent extended periods of time fine-tuning their specialist skills to maximise your safety.

Excellent drivers ensure timeous pick up and arrival as well as security

As mentioned above, all of our drivers are trained professionals with a reputation of working successfully with VIPs in various spheres. This means focused but always friendly and approachable without compromising on service. They are able to facilitate the safe pick up and arrival of international and local VIPs in a discreet, timely and effective manner. These drivers ensure clients and their luggage reach their destination of choice without being trailed, without accidents and least of all without falling victim to criminals.


We leave nothing to chance when transferring our clients. Every aspect of your pick up will be meticulously planned in order to prepare for any eventuality. This means that you can sit back and relax in one of our vehicles knowing that your safety is in the capable hands of top security experts.

Get in touch with the team at D&K Bodyguard Services for complete peace of mind. Our superb, highly trained group of security drivers are available to assist you on your next trip. For more information regarding our products and services, including airport transfers, contact us today.

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