Skills that you can learn to enhance your own personal protection

Skills that you can learn to enhance your own personal protection

It's always exciting when new and innovative technologies are invented to fight crime and keep citizens safe, but it's an unfortunate truth that these very technologies are often utilised by the criminals in order to enjoy even more advanced criminal activities. What criminals can't use against you, however, are your own personal skills and capabilities. So let's discuss what kinds of skills you can learn and practice to help enhance personal protection and avoid becoming a victim of crime.

Self defence

It's always a good idea for anybody and everybody to learn a self-defence martial art. This can range from Krav Maga to Jujitsu and can be almost any style that you feel suits you most. This is not necessarily to allow you to fight off attackers but simply helps you develop the capabilities to remain calm and focussed in stressful situations. This can assist with personal protection as it helps you in thinking clearly about how to keep yourself safe, rather than struggling uncontrollably or possibly causing more danger to yourself.


Another vital skill, for when you didn't see the criminals coming or if you don't get your chance to fight back or escape, is negotiations. This skill simply allows you to coherently and clearly communicate with your attacker and work with him or her to figure out a compromise or solution to the situation. How this helps with personal protection is that you can empower yourself by effectively empathising with your attacker and helping him or her come to a mutual understanding in this ordinarily traumatic situation.

Perhaps you choose to simply hand over your wallet and phone without fuss while convincing the attacker that your car would simply be a risk if the police were looking for him or her. Regardless though, being able to communicate on a level that your attacker is comfortable with can certainly mean the difference between just a mugging and a violent attack.

So don't simply lay back and let criminals take advantage of you, enhance your personal protection by developing the necessary skills to survive in our modern world. In addition, we at D & K Bodyguard Services offer excellent personal protection for all types of clients. Whether you are a VIP, CEO, celebrity or citizen, we provide the professional services that keep you safe at all times.

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