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Complete Convenience with Airport Transfer

Although “airport transfer” may be a somewhat ‘foreign’ term to you at first glance – no pun intended – it’s entirely possible and almost certain that at some stage you unwittingly or unknowingly enjoyed this service whilst travelling. Airport transfer basically refers to the drop off or pick up service between hotels or agreed points of contact, such as tourist hotspots. The service is intended to create convenience and safety. What’s more is that airport transfer, which was typically offered only by hotels and tour operators is now also offered by bodyguard protection services, which naturally offer the two-folded benefit of improved personal safety as well as transportation. This usually includes travel to and from the airport exclusively, but upon request and at an additional fee can also be extended to include transport between locations of interest.

So now that we understand the ‘just’ of airport transfer, let us consider some of the main features of this service.

  • Airport transfer provides transport to the airport and when you arrive at your destination - so you needn’t be inconvenienced by having to call a taxi or arrange a lift to your hotel or home.

  • You can enjoy a diverse selection of vehicles, from luxury limousines to armour-plated hummers depending on your budget and specific requirements when travelling.

  • Safe and convenient handling of your luggage, so you needn’t even concern yourself with carrying your own belongings!

  • If you are enlisting the services of a private security company then you have the added benefit of personal protection. This also enables you to enquire about possibly hiring a bodyguard for optimal tourist protection while on holiday, or simply for added protection while on business.

Many businesspeople and those utilising the services of travel agents and tour operators opt to enjoy airport transfer due to the reliability and safety associated with the service. Unfortunately, these days there are criminals who actually target unsuspecting individuals travelling to a foreign land. It is always best to arrange your airport transfer with a reputable company rather than look for options on the spur of the moment. This will protect you from being overcharged and worse, falling prey to kidnaping and related crimes!

Airport transfer ensures that you enjoy peace of mind when in transit or traveling between your residence or hotel and the airport. If you would like more information on airport transfer, the various options available and how we can help you ease your burden while travelling, contact Bodyguard Protection Services on or visit us online now!

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