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Debunking Common Misconceptions About Bodyguarding


Bodyguarding has always remained rather ‘mysterious’ to the average citizen since we are always bombarded by the images of stereotypical bodyguards in movies. Now, although these movies are usually entertaining, the images of bodyguards portrayed in these movies are far too often unrealistic and would make for a highly ineffective bodyguard in real life.

So we would like to share this article with our loyal readers to clear up some of the popular myths surrounding bodyguarding services and provide clarity into the legitimate and professional industry of bodyguarding.

Misconception 1: “Bodyguards choose this ‘brutish’ career simply as a last resort”

This is an unfortunate misconception that downplays the skill and legitimacy of this highly specialised field. Bodyguards are not the same as you see in movies – brawns only, executing the dirty work of those with brains. On the contrary bodyguarding agents need to be mentally sharp and vigilant – ready to act effectively in a moment’s notice if danger arises. A bodyguard who cannot think sharply will never last long, since they will be inefficient at protecting both client and themselves.

Misconception 2: “Bodyguards are always strong men”

Not all bodyguarding services agents are strong or men. This is because the effectiveness of a quality bodyguard is measured by their ability to keep their clients safe and not by their sheer strength. Strength can only get you so far and is honestly quite useless against the kinds of firearms that criminals have today. Effective bodyguards are fit, intelligent and quick on their feet. These traits, coupled with a martial art like Krav Maga, are the key to keeping clients safe.

Misconception 3: “Bodyguards are trigger-happy”

Bodyguarding agents are trained specifically to use their weapon as a last resort. This is because guns can cause unnecessary and harmful collateral damage. What’s more is that gunfights can have messy physical, legal, reputational ramifications and so on – aversion is by far the most effective method of protecting a client.

So next time you see a movie with the stereotypical brawny bodyguarding agent, enjoy the scene for what it is, fiction. In the real world bodyguarding is a complex field that requires intelligence and a number of traits, including professionalism and tact. Call us at D&K Bodyguard Services today to enlist our trained experts.

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