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Providing close protection services for World Cup Soccer enthusiasts in 2010



Author: Kyle Condon| Date: 2009/01/22 13:45

With 2010 approaching fast and World Cup Soccer enthusiasts starting to make their travel plans, Bodyguard Protection Services has noticed a major increase in enquiries.


Although South Africa is being promoted as the ideal destination to visit during the 2010 Soccer World Cup, many people especially foreigners remain somewhat skeptical. The biggest concern, being that of safety while visiting our shores.


Fortunately though with a company such as Bodyguard Protection Services cc., there are solutions to counter those concerns. Fans and visitors alike are now able to fully enjoy their time in South Africa knowing that Bodyguard Protection Services have Professional men and women available to ensure their safety and provide peace of mind.


More often than not, those visitors that experience criminal activity here in South Africa have done so largely because they have found themselves in high crime areas or have not taken the basic necessary precautions, required of any visitor to a foreign country.


Bodyguard Protection Services will ensure that all their clients remain well clear of such areas and that all movements and excursions are done with the discreet presence of a Professional Bodyguard.

The company's Managing Director Mr Kyle Condon had the following to say “Just like most things in life, the more you plan the less likely you are to encounter problems! Providing a close protection service or Bodyguarding detail as some prefer to call it is much the same. It is not necessarily that our people are there to jump in the way of danger, but rather that they are there to carefully plan and prepare for each and every scenario.


Even down to the smallest detail such as knowing our clients allergies e.g. Bee stings, shell fish etc.


Added to this is that all our personnel are able and proficient drivers, which means that our clients can sit back and relax while being transported to their destination. The way I see it, is that our people are their to provide a complete service that directly translates into our clients being able to concentrate solely on the nature of their visit, whether that be business, pleasure or both!

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