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Professional Bodyguards - Good Personal Traits

The task of protecting someone is not an easy one and each client may require a completely different package. For example, in the case of a client who goes jogging every morning, a heavyweight bodyguard may not be able to keep up. In this instance, a lean and fit bodyguard is much more appropriate as heavy bodyguards will be redundant if they can’t get to the client in time. A bodyguard who can't swim well won't be able to protect the client in water. These examples point to the obvious benefits of aligning client needs with a bodyguard of suitable profile. Bodyguard Protection Services recognises the importance of this synergy andso we endeavour to appropriately match our clients with bodyguards,in order to ensure optimum private security.

Ideally we would likeour clients to go about their day to day activities as they normally would without private protection. To achieve this we custom design our private security packages to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.There are several primary traits an expert bodyguard should display; three are discussed next. 

The first and greatest tool for bodyguards is planning and preparation. The stereotypical bodyguards that appear on TV are far from what’s ideally needed and what really happens. In reality, when evasive action needs to be taken, this usually means that the private protection personnel have not planned and prepared effectively for the task at hand. Well trained bodyguards are able to predict danger before it occurs, making a bodyguard’s career surprisingly ‘boring’ and more strategic - very unlike the exciting roles you see on TV. Of-course this makes them more effective, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure!

Secondly, fast reaction and quick reflexes are indispensable attributes for veteran bodyguards. Should a client be in an ambush situation,bodyguards must be able to secure his or her complete safety before the second bullet is fired.Surprise attacks are meant to cause confusion and disarray, but experienced bodyguards are able to keep their minds clear and calm amidst utter chaos - ensuring that client’s safety remainstheir top priority.

Although many may think that stature is the third trait to mention, confidence in fact has the ability to outweigh stature in many occasions. For instance, it’s easy to spot the bodyguards next to famous or important people. They are not always the biggest and most tough looking individuals, but rather the calm and stern members of the entourage. They carry an expression that communicates control and dominance if necessary. The simple aura that they are able to create is sometimes enough to dissuade attackers and even ensure that crowds keep a safe distance.

For bodyguards and private protection personnel that’s unrivalled, contact Bodyguard Protection Services. Call today and engage the best in the business!

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