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Bodyguards – Appearance versus function

Although the stereotypical image of a bodyguard is a tall, well-built man in a black suit wearing sunglasses, this is not always the case in reality. With some clients it’s a personal preference that dictates the appearance of their bodyguards, while with others it may be determined by the nature of an occasion. A bodyguard who is trying to blend or minimise attention to his client while sticking out from the crowd unnecessarily, is frankly not appropriate. Thus, bodyguards need to always consider all of the factors involved before selecting an ensemble.

Here are some of the factors that ought to be carefully considered in a bodyguard’s attire:


Bodyguards are usually dressed according to two divergent purposes; to be seen or to remain covert. Sometimes all it takes is for a bodyguard’s presence to be pronounced in order to halt minor attacks and interruptions. Certain situations, however, call for bodyguards to remain inconspicuous, acting as a friend, a chauffeur or even a photographer. So bodyguards may dress to be seen or dress to fit in naturally, depending on what’s best for client and the occasion.


You may think that this is an obvious factor; you can’t dress like an Arab when walking through China and expect to be unnoticeable. Subtle differences exist though, for instance: in South Africa it’s acceptable and almost normal for some people in Durban to walk around shirtless on a hot day, whilst in Cape Town the same goes for shoes. However, if you don’t wear shoes in Durban or a shirt in Cape Town, people can notice and sometimes even question this behaviour. These subtle differences exist throughout the world and both expert bodyguards and expert criminal minds are likely to notice.


As mentioned above, sometimes bodyguards need to fit into the environment to provide complete protection. Similar to location, bodyguards need to be able to dress to specific occasions too. From birthdays to baby showers and even nights at the casino, professional bodyguards should all own the right ‘tools of the trade’ and this includes very specific clothing at times.

Above all, bodyguards need to understand that they not only represent themselves, but importantly also the client. For this reason, even if the outfit calls for an open shirt with jeans and flip-flops, professional bodyguards should always strive to portray the best and most appropriate representation possible. Bodyguard Protection Services offers expert personnel with credible experience. For comprehensive protection and safety around your lifestyle and specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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