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Bodyguard Training – How to become a Bodyguard PART 2


Bodyguard Etiquette and Protocol

One very important aspect of being a bodyguard is how you carry and present yourself as an individual. Many high profile clients require bodyguards to attend important functions and events with them. The manner in which you are dressed and present yourself as a VIP protection officer is very important. Bodyguard training will teach you about basic the etiquette all bodyguards need to display, as well as the protocols for a number of scenarios. Bodyguards are also required to maintain a level of discretion regarding the private life and personal matters of the principal or client.

Advanced Driving Skills

Bodyguard training involves a number of tactical driving lessons which will prove invaluable if and when required in a real life VIP protection scenario. Most bodyguard training facilities require that all personal protection students have a valid driver’s license. A bodyguard will have to display excellent skills with regards to tactical driving such as cornering at high speeds, driving in convoy as well as Embus and Debus procedures. Security driving skills such as collision avoidance and skid control as well as advanced driving tactics are taught whilst undergoing bodyguard training.

Emergency First Aid

All close protection officers are required to have sound knowledge of what to do during an emergency when the client or principal and innocent bystanders are injured. This entails being able to apply first aid and CPR correctly if and when needed. Emergency medical training includes the treatment of gunshot and knife wounds as well as how to assist a patient having a heart attack and so forth.

The evacuation and stabilisation of an individual in need of emergency medical care is also covered. Practical, hands on training is imperative for all bodyguards and emergency medical procedures and lessons are generally taught to trainee bodyguards through real life scenarios as well as written exams which cover all aspects of emergency trauma training. Basic fire fighting skills are often also covered in bodyguard training courses.

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